I Once Was Not As Happy As Now

When i was very young i had a much harder time with my happiness. i was a wandering soul who could not seem to make heads or tails of this crazy messed up world. I had a hard time fitting in and when i was finally in the in crowd i found that they were not as happy as i thought they would be. I was very disappointed with their lack of happy feelings. it was as if they had not reason to proclaim their wonderful lives and eoy the world around them enough to be just plain happy. I traveled in this crowd for awhile i guess a couple years or more. i thought i had found the perfect friends and was looking forward to the perfect happy life for ever. happy

After a while i started to realize the fake happiness around me. i noticed the kids would turn on a happy outer appearance and pretend to be happy. My friend had this down to a science and they could fool anyone even their phycologists who just proclaimed they were making progress and would prescribe some pills to try and make them happier.

This experience really helped me later on in life as i could spot a faker a mile away. i could even fake it myself and would do so often. i even got married and tried to start a family because i thought it was part of the path to happiness. i stayed in a bad marriage for quiet a while not realizing that the happiness had to come from within. I had to make some tough decisions and put down my foot to find my own personal happiness. This lead to a revelation and it made me a much stronger person. I left the bad situations and started my own path. And i have never regretted it. i am the happiest person i know today and i continually get happier with every passing year. i have taught my children to be happy and i instilled the told they will need to know what makes them happy and how to not stay in a bad unhappy place. Good luck to all and i hope you’re happy.

Sincer regards the Happy Mom