The World of Being Joyful

I am not just talking about the art of having fun and enjoying the world around. I am talking about the full on live life to the fullest and make yourself as happy as humanly possible. It doesn’t even matter if you think you’re already happy or not. This page will give you ideas to take your happiness to whole new place! You will be so happy you will have to change your underwear on the regular if you know what i mean. You will be so happy you will want to post a huge smile on your favorite social media web site. You will be so darn happy you may have to take a selfie and share it with the whole wide world!

This page right now is making me so happy i feel like i spent the last month in church and am just full of heaven’s joy, all of it! The goal is to make the happiness just contagious and it will rub off on all the people who take the time to stop and read it. It will be so darn happy sounding you will just be smiling ear to ear and your jaw is going to hurt all ┬áday tomorrow. You just might turn into a unicorn if you are not careful.

I have seen happy in my days and i want to share that feeling with as many people as i can get the word out to. I want everyone that reads this page to just want to stop and write a short message and tell all of us how happy you are and how you got to this happy place in your life. I don’t care if you are young or old man or woman or somewhere in between. I want to hear your story and i want to share it with the world.

Sop now is your big chance to tell us all how you did it. Stop and write a message and let us know how you got to that happy place. Brag if you need to but just post something up up for us to be happily jealous of.